The Xtreamer media centers feature state-of-the-art digital playback that brings all the media content from your PC to your living room. With a dizzying array of file-format support, it is engineered from the ground up for high performance networking and hi-definition playback.

This comprehensive, feature-packed device provides a near-complete entertainment experience for you, your friends and family. 
For the cheapest price in the market it offers truly brilliant, hi-definition video output with vivid colors with support for internal 2.5" SATA HDD and USB slave functionality to improve connectivity and transfer rates. It can also be supplemented with Wireless antenna.

Xtreamer DVD is first and foremost a DVD player. It has a DVD drive installed internaly from factor built in, it has the DVD size and design we all know from the many other DVD players in the market. 

The difference with any other DVD model in the market is that it is built around the Xtreamer media player software.

Think it is an Xtreamer sidewinder media streamer device in different form with a dvd built in. They both run the same firmware. It utilizes the RTL 1073 DD+ chipset. It has no internal HDD. Only external USB storage possible. It has a 10/100 LAN port and it can work wireless with our USB WIFI antenna of 802.11n

In this aspect it is probably the best dvd player in the market.

What are the differences from the many other models of DVD in the market ?
  1. It is the only DVD with native support to MKV with header compression. Not many DVD player can play MKV.
  2. It supports HD audio upto 7.1 for both DTS MA and TrueHD. The simple DVD players you can find in your local store can not do that. 
  3. It supports many online content for streaming (Xtreamer Live and etc) . Most other DVD machines cannot do more than simply play SD simple files either from DVD rom or USB.
  4. It has an internal function that will allow you to backup any DVD or CD to external storage with a click of button. 
  5. It has all the function of the xtreamer Sidewinder. Please goto the features page. 
  6. Normal DVD machines which are normaly made in china are usually primitive, based on very basic chipset and architecture, and lack support to the many codecs we all use for HD Playback. None of those DVD so called models can be a replacement for a media streamer nor than can allow you Full HD or BluRay ISO files playback and cannot be comperable to the xtreamer powerful firmware and community. 
  7. The Xtreamer DVD is capable of playing BluRay ISO files. No other DVD in market is capable of doing that.
  8. The Xtreamer DVD will is priced at 120 Euro. You can get an xtreamer sidewinder for 99 euro and for 20 euro more you can get the Xtreamer DVD.

Some words about the strategy behind this product.
  1. We found out that DVD are still number one seller in consumer electronic market. Much more than any media player.
  2. Prices of BluRay are way too high to be regarded as "mass market:. Both the media as well as the players are still very expensive. 
  3. The costs of licensing the BluRay would have resulted putting this Xtreamer DVD machine on a much higher price we intended for a mass market product. 
  4. The device is not aimed to the online market. It will be marketed mainly in retail, in different department of the retail shop. Normally next to the DVD, BluRay and the TV sections. The device will not be "classified" as a "Gadget".
  5. This new xtreamer DVD device applies to any member of your family that does not have the techy know how, that does not want to perform many firmware updates, that does not want to spend 200 euro for a decent BluRay Player, and still want to enjoy the HD playback and streaming world for a small money. 
  6. Even decent BluRay drives cannot provide you similar experience as the Xtreamer DVD. Most BluRay players lack support to the many functions the xtreamer does and does well. NFS sharing, DDnS, networking browsing, Jukebox and VOD.

If you are seeking a device for those kind of users who have many DVD titles, lots of CD roms and know a little about technology, this is the product to select in our range of models.

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