Movie Juke Box

The XtreamerDVD is capable of displaying movie cover arts in the preview pane. 

The community project XMJ made the task of generating these images much easier and nearly automatic.

The XMJ was developed in order to allow xtreamer users (but not only) with very big collection of movies to know what is each movie is all about - automatically, so no manual process per movie will be required.

Once the XMJ will finish its operation you will be able to see all the new generated info as per movie on the TV - navigating your library or network with the remote control . Further info as per each movie and search will be done via the PC. You dont need the PC turned on all time. You will be able to perform this task every time you are adding new movies to your collection as the XMJ can generate the info only for new files only without going through your entire folders from scratch.

The speed of the process depends on your collection and interent speed. It may take few min. While the process is under going you will be able to see the progress. 

When the XMJ will finish its operation you will be able to find new files stored in your chosen directories as well as use the PC side for quickly browsing your entire collection with enhanced graphical information and searchable index.

The XMJ can agrrergate its content from various sources and in various languages.

(1) IMDB - English
(2) Allocine - French
(3) Film Affinity - Spanish
(4) FilmUP.IT - Italian
(5) FilmWeb - Polish
(6) Kinopoisk - Russian
(7) MovieMeter - Dutch
(8) OfDB - German
(9) Sratim - Hebrew
(10) FilmData - Sweden