The xtreamer was designed, built and marketed with one goal in mind : 

To be the best solid advanced media player with fast wireless connectivity at an affordable price of less than 100 euro. 

It was designed and manufactured by people who love their media and enjoy it to the maximum extent possible. We are very much the same geeks as most readers of this page. We simply had enough of competing in a market in which machines are too expensive. Why is a DVD sold in your local supermarket for less than $50 and a descent media player with basic functionalities costs sometimes 4 times more. 

You can try yourself and if you are not convinced you are more than welcome to return the product for a full unquestionable refund.

The RD team and the designers took the best of all of what you may have already heard or seen in media players and incorporated it into a very small, yet very simple unit that can play your files in a stable environment without overly complicated (many times much unnecessary)
features that no one really uses.

Whether you are looking for your first or additional media player for your home or office, Xtreamer promises to deliver what you are looking for :

Playing your media files in full HD at 1080P resolution over wireless network, featuring the latest codecs and formats such as FLAC AVCHD FLV & MKV.
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