Things you Should know

  1. Your iXtreamer can charge your iPad, your iPhone or your iPod by simply docking it on the device, even when the device is turned Off.

  2. Your iXtreamer can play the music, videos or photos you store on your iPhone, iPad or iPod right on your TV. 

    All you have to do is dock the device. We do plan to allow you enjoy your entire apps from iphone and ipad on TV as well. We depend on this issue on the progress of apple on its IOS 4 and the amount of willingness apple will show towards this end. We know how much it is important for us as users of this device, we appreciate how much you will be able to enjoy this function also.

  3. Your iXtreamer can play and stream any HD MKV or BluRay image file stored on any PC, Laptop,  Mac or NAS in your house to your HDTV via wired or wireless networks.

  4. The iXtreamer is capable of displaying your movie collection with full movie information and posters generated from various sources on the internet. Our Movie Jukebox, unlike many other devices on the market, is built inside the device (no need to run it from PC software) and supports movie info on your movies on various languages.

  5. The iXtreamer is capable of streaming directly from the internet, to your TV, many movies and TV series provided that you bought an account on megavideo Premium and that you owe a valid copy of the content you want to watch.

  6. The iXtreamer support the latest codec of HD playback including MKV header Compression, DTS MA and Dolby TrueHD with 7.1 channels passthrough. It means for you that the sound and video is simply amazing.

  7. The iXtreamer is supporting live internet radio streams from thousands of online providers. Its free and easy to use.

  8. The iXtreamer is capable of playing youtube files in HD quality. You can even add your account favorites and playlist to be played on your TV.

  9. The iXtreamer is able to display on Vivid crisp quality your entire photo albums on TV. The Community of users enhanced this function and allow advanced sort and search functions to this feature.

  10. The iXtreamer is able to store internally a normal size HDD with upto 3 Terabytes of storage.  Any 3.5" Sata Hard disc drive will be ok . You can expand the attached storage via the 2 USB 2.0 connection on its back to a maximum of 5 TB of total storage. 

  11. The iXtreamer can connect to both MAC or PC (OSX, Windows Xp, Windows Vista and Windows 7) from which you can copy or add your files via your local network. Simply mount the device as network drive and you will be good to go.

  12. The iXtreamer allow you to assign it a friendly name. If you will leave the device turned on you and will set the router properly, you will even be able to access its content from the internet by simply opening any web browser and typing :

  13. The iXtreamer has a built in iPhone remote control. If you have an iPhone you can control your device by simply opening safari on your iphone and typing in : the device ip address/RC.

  14. The iXtreamer has the ability to connect to your shared networks via NFS protocol that is designed for "heavy duty" content such as bluray files. 

  15. The iXtreamer support many subtitle files you can easily download from the internet. These files can be stored anywhere and added to any video playable on the device as well as on any streaming video you decide to watch live from the internet. The subtitles size, position and color  are fully customizable to your choice.

  16. The iXtreamer allowing you to fully control your watching experience on TV. You will be able to skip +-30 sec or +3 minutes, mark a file, tag it, zoom and lock the file with passwords.  You will be able to resume movie from where you stopped watching, to mark them as favorites or bookmark any folder for later convenient browsing.

  17. The iXtreamer have an internal portal called "Xtreamer Live" . You will find inside this portal thousands of live television video shows and thousands of live porn adult content. just search, click and play. 

  18. The iXtreamer will feature in coming firmware update a fully working opera web browser that will allow you to enjoy full unlimited web browsing experience on your TV with the ability to hook the device wireless Keyboard and mouse. The opera browser will support also flash rich media content. This function will ensure many more content and services to be added to the device by the company and the community.

  19. The iXtreamer is using a powerful remote control that illuminates at dark environments. 

  20. The iXtreamer is very solid, well built device with super silent 50mm fan. In case the fan is still making you troubled you will be able to switch it with the passive cooling kit we are offering as an extra accessory for a small price.

  21. The iXtreamer can connect to wireless networks via wireless USB antenna at 802.11n 300 Kbps speed. This may not be enough for wireless streaming but for most divx and avi files it should be more than enough.

  22. The iXtreamer has a built in media library manager. It allows you to format and prepare any HDD you want to insert into the device, to copy or move files to and from it or from any USB attached to the device without requiring a PC.

  23. The iXtreamer allow you to enjoy your own playlists of combined photos and music files or videos. Just mark them and navigate to the "playlist" section on the media library.

  24. The device support an Auto Run function. It means you will be able to set a library to which the device will automatically go when started and from which music or movies will be automatically start playing. 

  25. The iXtreamer has 2 sets of firmwares. One firmware will handle the dock (and is fully subjected to any apple future updates of their devices functions ) and one will handle the iXtreamer software. You will be able to update both firmwares from the internet or manually from a file you downloaded from our sites. The updates are free and easy to do. In case you will get into trouble with the machine you even be able to rescue the device from crashes by installing "emergency" firmware we provide also. 

  26. The iXtreamer is coming with a clear 2 years warranty and 14 days unquestionable full money back guarantee in case you decide the device is not meeting your expectations. 

  27. The iXtreamer device is all about community and our commitment to make it better. You are more than welcome to join our growing family of users and take part in one of the most active scenes in online multimedia today. Simply login to and open an account.

  28. The iXtreamer is based on the same platform as our previous models. It is the same chipset of the XtreamerPro and is based on our own R&D efforts of developing the same SDK coupled with apple as a strong partner in our back. You have google as your best friend to learn and research how far we went to improve our previous devices. It Will be the same for this product. We have every intention to make it better and more functional.

  29. The people who made the iXtreamer are very much the same as most readers of this page. We all enjoy our media and gadgets and hate to pay for it a fortune, only to find out short time later a "newer" model is out living us "blind" to its innovation. It started as immature product based on new platform slash market-testing type of brand back at 2009. Drawing lots of skepticism and surrounded with quite a bit of poisonous sarcasm from many of our electronics manufacturer competitors, we nevertheless are still growing. but now it's taken on a life of its own. While we will continue to invest our best efforts for our customers we anticipate profitability by 2043 ;)– by then we should be retired; someone smarter might take over or copy us in china or simply jack up the prices. Until then, we're still here, offering you warm welcome coupled with the best device we can do at price tag which you can live with. Why pay more ?

  30. Ahh! if you really ask yourself "why pay more"...the answer is simple.
    In our industry most devices are doing more or less the same, sometimes with very minor differences to notice, packed with lots of "features and functions and codecs we rarely or ever find or use. By the end of the day its all about "user experience" and "fun". Something we personaly expect from any "Toy" with AC Adapter. If you come across  "spec sheets" that offer you to live high up at the "olympus of technology" it really does not mean much for more than few month anyway. We found out that if you do insist to pay much more,  not necessarily you will get much more. sometime to the contrary. Kapish ? Enjoy your stay.

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