Imagine having your own Rapidshare server at home .

If your bandwidth demands exceed what your regular Internet provider can offer you, when you are away from home you will be able to login to your eTRAYz NAS, upload whatever file you want later to be supplied with a unique download URL,  which locates the file and enables you to share the file with anyone you want across skype MSN or email.

 You will be able to invite anyone to upload your eTRAYz files without requiring you to open an account and set up privileges and access permissions.

 Your eTRAYz will accept files without bandwidth limits or expensive account subscription. It will be waiting for you always by simply logging in with yourname.etrayz.net. You will find the RapidBox gateway at the welcome/login screen.

 If you are far away from your eTRAYz and need a file to be stored or shared you will be able to login the device via web gateway, upload any file without limitation promptly get a URL link so as to allow you to paste in mail or skype/MSN/AOL.

Once uploads are done you will be able to send mail notification to any recipient you wish, letting him know about your uploaded file link.

No need to pay for subscription, bandwidth limits and time waiting .

All free and unlimited out of the box.