Xtreamer eTRAYz (2Bay RAID NAS - Personal Web Server & Storage)

The Xtreamer eTRAYz is an ultra compact Giga lan based 2-Bay NAS solution specifically designed and optimized for local HD streaming over LAN.

It can serve you even wirelessly as a personal web server in which you will be able to store and share PHP based applications like blogs, shops and forums.

The 4 TB capacity will be waiting for you to function as local hard disk drive on the go via its revolutionary eTRAYz engine. You will still enjoy the same functions of what is regarded as top advanced Networked attached servers you can find in the market.

Its ease of usage & access, powerful GUI, Jdownloader engine for HTTP downloads from the clipboard, create URL link to any file stored in with a right click of a button , impressive Torrent dowload station ,rapid-share like private gateway coupled with NFS support, Picture sharing and the ability to share and automatically Sync folders with friends

will make the eTRAYz a natural download machine perfect for storage streaming & 1 stop place for sharing your entire media library. 

You will be able to have all these function of the eTRAYz Practically anywhere, anytime while you are on the go . The Rapidbox keeps a log of all activity, so when you will come back home you wil be able to keep track and easily find new "surprises" your friends uploaded your device.


All you need is a broadband Internet connection and a home router, the eTRAYz can be in few clicks be set up to provide secure access to all the stored files remotely via the Internet or you local lan, Wirelessly (802.11n)  or Wired (10/100/1000 Port).