is the eTRAYz ECO freindly ?

Yes. eTRAYz was designed and developed perpetually with the concept of energy saving. Compared with average PC counterparts, the eTRAYZ consumes a relatively low amount of power and hibernates when not in use. This not only helps to save energy but also extends the lifespan of the hard disk.

As all Xtreamer product line, the xtreamer very much the same is produced with RoHS compliant parts and packed with recyclable packing materials. We recognizes our responsibility as a global citizen and continually working to reduce the environmental impact of the products we create.

Does the eTRAYz supports RSS ?

Yes. you will be able to both read or create RSS feed for your eTRAYz blog and news.

Does the eTRAYz supports NZB ?

Not as yet. it is in our roadmap and will be introduced later.

Can the eTRAYz manage my torrent downloads ?

Yes. if the eTRAYz installed next to your router you can turn off the desktop computer while files are being downloaded/uploaded on the eTRAYz. It was optimized for Mininova . Isohunt, Torrentz servers and will operate for you as a 24/7 BitTorrent, FTP, or HTTP download center.

Can the eTRAYz serve as iTunes Server ?

Yes. The eTrayz can work as an iTunes Server to share music within the local network. You can simply install iTunes on your PC or MAC computers and use iTunes as a jukebox to browse or listen to the music you stored on your eTRAYZ HDD. After enabling the iTunes Server, iTunes will recognize the eTRAYz as an iTunes client under SHARED. Therefore, you can share your music to others via iTunes without spending time to download files.

Can is share URL link to files stored inside my eTRAYz ?

Yes. your will be able to right click on any file stored in your eTRAYz and copy its unique URL link to MSN/email or chat window. The recieving party will be able to click the file and download it from your eTRAYz while you as an administraor can ofcourse limit this function to your requirement.

What do you mean by Rapidshare like gateway ?

It means you will be able to use your eTRAYz as your own private rapidshare server. You will be able to give your friends and clients your DDnS name and they will be able to upload you files without requireing you to setup for them a deidcated account inside your nas (You will be able to do that also). If you decide to login to your device web gateway you will be able to upload yourself files with this gateway and even share links to files stored in your eTRAYz HDD.

What do you mean by Jdownloader engine ?

The eTRAYz was developed after long research of HTTP based downloding. The eTRAYz will be able to take out the downloading tasks from your pc to a dedicated device that will handle it all for you. It supports Rapidhare, Megaupload, Storage.to, Megashares, Hotfile.com, Netload.in file factory auto downloading managment for both premium and un registered account. You will be able to simply right click your mouse and send the download task to the eTRAYz that will even urar/unzip your files for you. Multiple download and clipboard monitoring is ofcourse supported.

Can the eTRAYz serve as a print server ?

Yes. The eTRAYZ supports LPR, CIFS, AppleTalk . It will allow you to connect it upto 2 USB printers and share them through your entire netowrk. With Add Printer Wizard, users can easily finish the printer setup within few clicks.

Does the eTRAYz supports backup functionalty ?

The eTRAYz allows users to back up files from any PC or device attached to it .It even allows backups to external hard drives via USB with flexible scheduling options.

Does the eTRAYz supports RAID ?

Yes. The Xtreamer eTRAYz is a designed to serve as large-capacity RAID 0 and reliable RAID 1 & 5 device.

Does the eTRAYz supports firmware upgrades ?

Yes. It is fully Firmware Upgradable. We intend to add to the device many more features based on
the community constant monitoring process that will be take by the RD team daily.

Does the eTRAYz supports UPnP, SMB and NFS ?

Yes. the device supports both UPnP and SMB as well as NFS and was optimized specifically to media playback in general and for xtreamer in particular.

Is the eTRAYZ multilingual ?

Yes. It currently supports English. German, French, Korean and Japaneese. We will add more languages with
the help of our community . 

Does the eTRAYz have a web interface?

Yes. you will be able to access and manage your NAS via your normal file explorer of your OS or via a web browser by Windows-style user's interface and advanced features including sub-folder privilege settings, multiple files upload and download that is oriented to ease of use to non power users.

What eTRAYz stands for ?

The new Xtreamer NAS eTRAYz incorporate revolutionary feature that allow you use your 2 bay NAS (4 Terabyte) like Disk on key or any extrenal portable USB storage you have. By simple login from any PC environment that is connected to the internet you will see your NAS as local drive in your windows / MAC environment. The result will be that you will be able to see your NAS HDD drives as local HDD even when you are away from home. Anywhere, anytime. Imagine a personal device with DropBox capablities with unlimited bandwidth and storage space.

Is the eTRAYz noisy ?

No. Nearly totally silent device with very efficient 40mm mutli-speed fan with temprature sensor.

Does the eTRAYz have a one click copy button ?

Yes. In the back of the device you will find it. You will be able to click it and copy from USB diskonkey to the eTRAYz with one click of a button.

Can i connect the eTRAYz wirlelessly to my netowrk ?

Yes. the same Wireless 802.11n USB antenna will work for your eTRAYz.
Maybe you will need now more than 1 antenna

Is the unit is same as mvix usa mvixbox wdn-2000 ?

NO. It is totally new diferent software solution based on new concept, new more powerful chipset , more memory, windows 7 and Snow Leopard OSX compliance and more attractive price tag. The new eTRAYz introduce some new revolutionary features never seen before on any other NAS solution in the market. Nor MvixBox or any Synology or Qnap devices has or can have this features as all patented by our company. 

Will the money back policy be applicable to the eTRAYz ?


Will the eTRAYz be compatible with Windows 7 ?


Will the eTRAYz be competible with future models of xtreamer media players ?


Will the eTRAYz be based on open source ?

No. The community will not be able to write code to this product nor it will be released.

Will you open bug tracker online project for the eTRAYz ?

Yes. Every Xtreamer product will have its own dedicated forum in our platforms as well as dedicated officer that will monitor and control bug report via the bug tracker. 

Does the eTRAYz price include taxes ?

Same as for Xtreamer Media player. Only European Customer will be obsolved from tax and custom payments.
If you resident of non-EU country you may be required to pay taxes.
Please conslut your local custom/tax authority office before placing an order.

Can I buy only the eTRAYz ?

You will have to present an xtreamer #serial number that we will verify in our system before we will be able to
confirm your order. Each customer will be eligible to buy only 1 eTRAYz unit per xtreamer media player unit
he own or will order.

How much will be the Xtreamer eTRAYz shipping costs ?

25 Euro .The total cost of your Xtreamer eTRAYz will be hence 84 euro if you placed your order before the
1.11.09 as this was our sepcial offer for limited time. 

After the 1.11.09 ou will be required to pay 99 euro as per the device and additional 25 euro per shipping.

What are the technical specs of the eTRAYz?

Memory : 128MB
Flash : 4MB
HDD : 3.5" inch X 2 SATA
I/O Interface : USB Port *2
One Touch USB Copy Button
Buttons : Power, Reset, USB auto-copy
LAN  Gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet port
Wireless LAN (USB Type) : 802.11b/g/n
DHCP Server
Dynamic DNS : ***.myxtreamer.net
Jumbo Frame
Network File Protocol : CIFS, SMB, NFS, AFP
Additional Useful Protocol :FTP with SSL/TLS, SSH, Secure SMTP
Client Platform : Windows/Linux/ Mac
Web Server : Apache,MySQL, SQLite,PHP,Port # : 80
Printer Server
iTunes Music Server
UPnP device Port mapping
Rapid Box (RapidShare)
URL Link Mail & URL Link Copy 
Buddy SyncFolder
Public Disk for sharing with local devices
e-Downloader  Plugins – rapidshare.commegaupload.com
e-Torrent  RSS, Search and Download - mininova, isohunt, torrentz
RAID Level Raid 0, 1, 5
System Management
Web-Based administration
E-Mail Alert
alarm Buzzer
Multi-User Account Mgmt.
Multi Language
English, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Russian, Hebrew, Czech, Hungarian, Portuguese, Swedish, Slovenian Croatian boast, Finnish, Polish, Romanian, Thai, Vietnamese, Greek, Chinese

How compact the Xtreamer eTRAYz ?

The dimensions of the xtreamer are of an ultra compact device. 17.5X8X12 cm

Does the eTRAYz supports Giga Lan port ?

Yes as well as 2 additional USB ports (2.0 and 1.1) located at the back panel .

What protocols the eTRAYz supports ?

The eTRAYz supports CIFS, SMB, UPnP , FTP, NFS, Telnet/SSH, AFP

Does the eTRAYz support IP CAM surveliance functionalty ?

Soon you will be introduced with our new Xtreamer PTZ IP CAM based on H.264 1080p resolution. the Xtreamer cam will allow you watch it on your TV throught your media player and it provides you with an easy and economical network video recording solution. By connecting Xtreamer or Axis IP cameras to the network and configuring the cameras in the eTRAYz you can watch the live-view of monitored area on a real-time basis, and schedule video recording in Continuous Recording Mode, Motion Detection Mode, or Alarm Recording Mode. In addition, you will be able to review the recorded video clips by searching or browsing the convenient Time Line bar. The eTRAYz supports upto 99 IP cameras .

Will the eTRAYz allow me to install a website or PHP based apps ?

Yes. The eTRAYz incorporates a fully featured apache web server, PHP+MySQL + PHPmyAdmin is built in to easily build and host up to 30 websites as well as many additional applications.

How can the eTRAYz be so cheap in comparison to Synology and QNAP ?

he Xtreamer project is backed up by one of the biggest manufacturers of CE industry. We simply decided to be not as greedy and come up again with a very good ratio of specs\power\functionlaity\value for money ratio. That is the core essence of the Xtreamer project. Soon you can expect Xtreamer Netbooks (like eePC, AcerONE etc), Xtreamer IP cam (Pan and tilt with h.264 1080p) . We will keep our task to continue offer xtreamer clients good products for very attractive price and value for money. Dont assume the eTRAYz for some low quality chinese NAS / web disk solution. It is one of the most powerful NAS solutions you can find in the market today with a very impressive specs sheet and functionalities you should read about hereunder.
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