Xtreamer DisplayPod

The Xtreamer DisplayPOD is a small accessory (Cigarette Box Size) for any netbook, laptop Mac or PC user may find attractive. 

It allows the user to extend or mirror his computer desktop area, play HD movies from the laptop to the television with full HD resolution and Audio.

iMac users will be able to enjoy additional seamless monitors support.

Gamers will be able to enjoy multiple views, businessman will be able to turn their netbooks to a full media player on the go, presentations
on conference rooms system could be as simple as connecting a USB plug.

Again, we present you a piece of technology that until recently cost around 3 times the price tag of the xtreamer DisplayPod in affordable yet elegant package.

Unlike many other USB external graphic cards, the Xtreamer DisplayPod allow you to enjoy also AUDIO via the HDMI cable supplied.
Unlike USB external graphic cards no separate cables are required to connect audio.

All you are required to do is install one time the PC / MAC supplied driver so as to enable your OS to support the chipset.

The driver supports connection of upto 6 monitors at the same time. Once you are set, no AC adapter required or difficult installations. 

The Xtreamer DisplayPod was designed to work as hot plug n Play. 

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