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DisplaypodUSB graphics technology is a unique approach to USB 2.0 graphics, allowing smooth video playback and providing a low latency connection that feels very much like a traditional monitor while providing the "plug and display" simplicity of USB. DisplayPOD USB graphics technology allows for high resolution, full 32-bit color graphics, at resolutions up to 2048x1152 (DL-195). Here's how it works:
1. DisplayPOD software is installed on the PC or MAC and uses resources available in the CPU and GPU to process the graphical information from your USB connected display.
2. Updates to the screen are automatically detected and compressed using the DL2 (DL-1x0) or DL2+ (DL-1x5) compression technology. This adaptive compression technology automatically balances the compression methods based on the content, available CPU power, and USB bandwidth, providing the best possible USB graphics experience at any given moment.
3. Compressed data packets are sent over the standard USB 2.0 cable as quickly as possible to maintain a very interactive user experience.
4. A high speed DisplayLink chip inside the DisplayPod allow you to enjoy full HD video playback at 1080P resolution + Audio !
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