Turn your xtreamer to a silent device

The Sidewinder kit is comprised of 2 alluminum heatsinks that were specificaly designed to make your xtreamer totaly silent yet cool
and stylish. Both sides can be fitted. 


Quick Install Guide

The fitting of the Xtreamer SideWinder will remove the need for the use of the fan in the Xtreamer.
The process of upgrading the cooler is simple, but we do recommend that this quick install guide is completely read before starting.
Once completed, you should turn OFF the fan in the Fan Speed menu of the Xtreamer setup screen. 
To complete the upgrade, you will require all components in this kit and a small flat bladed screwdriver, or kitchen knife (take care, always point any sharp objects away from you when in use). 

Removing the SIDE plate
Firstly place your Xtreamer on a flat surface 
Take a small flat bladed screwdriver or other sharp instrument, and
carefully insert it between the shiny black metal edge and the thin plastic
Once you have created a small gap, then carefully use the instrument to edge
around the rest of the metal plate. 

Take off  the side metal plate
Removing the SIDE plate

Remove all surplus sticky tape left on the on the flat plastic surfaces.
Once removed you will see the main chip, with a little white Thermal
Interface Material (TIM) on the surface. Please dispose of the original side
plate and the inner heat sink responsibly. 
Remove the inner (silver) heat sink completely.
IMPORTANT - DO NOT insert the instrument in further than 10- 15mm or the
instrument may touch the electronics.  
Removed the protective film from back of the SideWinder 
heat sink. 
The CPU side plate is the plate 
which there is no connector information details 
To prepare for the fitting of the Xtreamer SideWinder heat sink, please
paste the  thermal tape (included with this kit). 
Fit the Xtreamer SideWinder heat sink to the Xtreamer.
Install the same another Xtreamer SideWinder heat sink except pasted thermal
tape part 
When the Xtreamer is turned on, you should notice that the Xtreamer SideWinder heat sink becomes slightly warm, this means it is working
correctly. If after a few hours of use, the heat sink is not warm, the new cooler has not been fitted correctly - unplug the Xtreamer and check that
the heat sink is in line with the plastic on all four sides.
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