2.4G Wireless Headset

The Xtreamer 2.4G Wireless headset is a two-part system that comes with wireless headphones, powered by a couple of AAA batteries (on the headset) and a USB dongle transmitter that connects to your output xtreamer device or even directly to a USB enabled TV. It’s very simple to set up as the whole system is plug and play.

The USB is source of power only. The Dongle is compact and absolve you from placing a heavy transmitter on the living room. It automatically scan the perimeter and handshake with the paired headset.

The Headset will work for both Xtreamer 2.5", Xtreamer Sidewinder, and Xtreamer pro as well as any other device that has an RCA (Red/White) and USB connectors.

Similar headsets are sold by leading audio equipment providers such as Sony, Pioneer and philips for much higher price. The device is not a cheap china model rather you can expect a high end quality for a low price. 

Due to limited quantity we will allow only Xtreamer device owners to purchase this model by providing their xtreamer serial number on purchase. 

This compact and portable transmitter utilises uncompressed digital wireless audio transmission. It offers an effective range of 20m (line of sight), and can serve up to 2 pairs of headphones.
Soundwise, the bass delivery is rousing and full-bodied while the closed, snug fit around your ears effectively isolates outside noise.

Its transparent and well-balanced sound with great bass response makes this system an ideal choice for all types of music and TV applications. Enjoy total freedom of sound without a physically restricting cable at an affordable price. The ideal entry into the cordless world of sound.


Enjoy music in a Eargonomic acoustic refinement design channels the audio signal directly into your ears
Advanced high end diaphragm technology almost eliminates standing waves inside the capsule
Outstanding wearing comfort for long listening sessions
Long life due to easily replaceable batteries 
Lightweight aluminium voice coils for high efficiency and excellent dynamics
Extremely comfortable velour ear pads
Special diaphragm geometry reduces intermodulation distortion
Highly constant, compressed cellulose fleece reduces total harmonic distortion
USB transmitter included – easily attached to any TV with USB or directly to your Xtreamer/Xtreamer PRO 


  • Max. Sound pressure level (aktiv) -70/90 dB
  • Powering USB (transmitter); AAA batteries (receiver)
  • Weight (Transmitter) 30 g (incl. audio RCA cable)
  • Weight (Receiver) 280 g (incl. batteries)
  • Range up to 100 m in open space (for 926 MHz up to 100 m)
  • Modulation 11Mbps/ DSSS
  • Audio Quality 32/44.1/ 48KHz 16bit, ADPCM
  • RF frequency range 863 ... 865 MHz or 926 ... 928MHz
  • Dimensions (Transmitter) 85 x 225 x 133 mm
  • Frequency response (headphones) 18 - 21000 Hz
  • Transducer principle dynamic, open
  • Operating time (Accupack) 20-25 h
  • THD, total harmonic distortion < 0,5 %
  • Jack plug USB, RCA
  • Ear coupling circumaural

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